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01. Metallica - Metallica ( 1991 ) - Nov 16, 2019 8:55:00 AM

Track listingAll lyrics are written by James Hetfield.No.TitleMusicLength1."Enter Sandman"Kirk HammettLars UlrichHetfield5:342."Sad but True"UlrichHetfield5:243."Holier Than Thou"HetfieldUlrich3:484."The Unforgiven"HammettUlrichHetfield6:265."Wherever I May Roam"UlrichHetfield6:446."Don't Tread on Me"UlrichHetfield4:017."Through the Never"HammettHetfieldUlrich4:038."Nothing Else Matters"HetfieldUlrich6:309."Of Wolf and Man"HammettUlrichHetfield4:1710."The God That Failed"UlrichHetfield5:0911."My Friend of Misery"Jason NewstedHetfieldUlrich6:4812."The Struggle Within"HetfieldUlrich3:56Total length:62:40PersonnelCredits are adapted from the album's liner notes.MetallicaJames Hetfield – vocals, rhythm guitar, guitar solo on "Nothing Else Matters", productionKirk Hammett – lead guitarJason Newsted – bass guitarLars Ulrich – drums, percussion, productionAdditional musiciansMichael Kamen – orchestral arrangement on "Nothing Else Matters"
02. Mungo Jerry - Mungo Jerry ( 1970 ) - Nov 15, 2019 10:21:00 AM

Track listing[edit]Side 1"Baby Let's Play House" (Arthur Gunter) – 2:32"Johnny B. Badde" (Dorset) – 3:00"San Francisco Bay Blues" (Jesse Fuller) – 3:38"Sad Eye Joe" (King) – 2:50"Maggie" (Dorset) – 4:10"Peace in the Country" (Dorset) – 3:05Side 2"See Me" (Dorset) – 3:37"Movin' On" (King) – 4:14"My Friend" (Dorset) - 2:36"Mother *!*!*! Boogie" (Earl, Cole, King, Dorset) - 2:48"Tramp" (King) - 5:05"Daddies Brew" (Earl) – 3:40
PersonnelBandRay Dorset – lead vocals, lead and 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars, kazoo, stomp, tambourinePaul King – vocals, 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars, banjo, jugColin Earl – pianoMike Cole – bass
03. Peter Banks - Can I Play You Something? ( 1999 ) - Nov 14, 2019 9:05:00 AM

Tracklist1–Peter BanksCan I Play You Something?2–Peter BanksBang Crash3–Peter BanksPeter Gunn4–Peter BanksHippie Loop5–The Syn14 Hour Technicolor Dream6–The Devil's DisciplesYou Better Move On7–Mabel Greer's ToyshopBeyond And Before (Demo)8–Mabel Greer's ToyshopBeyond And Before (What Bass Mix)9–Peter BanksLima Loop10–The SynGrounded11–The Devil's DisciplesFor Your Love12–The SynFlowerman (Demo)13–The SynFlowerman14–Peter BanksYesterdays15–Mabel Greer's ToyshopElectric Funeral (Demo)16–Mabel Greer's ToyshopElectric Funeral (Radio Fun Mix)17–Peter BanksCinnamon Touch18–Mabel Greer's ToyshopGet Yourself Together (Demo)19–The SynCreated By Clive20–Mabel Greer's ToyshopImages Of You And Me (Radio Fun Mix)21–Peter BanksI Saw You (Bang Crash)22–Peter BanksNo Time
04. Jefferson Starship - Freedom at Point Zero ( 1979 ) - Nov 13, 2019 8:46:00 AM

Track listingSide oneNo.TitleLyricsMusicLength1."Jane"David Freiberg, Jim McPhersonFreiberg, McPherson, Paul Kantner, Craig Chaquico4:072."Lightning Rose (Carry the Fire)"KantnerKantner4:363."Things to Come"Kantner, China Wing KantnerP. Kantner4:494."Awakening"Jeannette SearsPete Sears7:59Side twoNo.TitleLyricsMusicLength1."Girl with the Hungry Eyes"KantnerKantner3:282."Just the Same"Chaquico, J. SearsChaquico, Eric Van Soest5:173."Rock Music"Chaquico, J. SearsChaquico3:354."Fading Lady Light"J. SearsP. Sears, Mark Unobsky3:395."Freedom at Point Zero (Climbing Tiger Mountain through the Sky)"KantnerKantner4:25PersonnelPaul Kantner – vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards on "Things to Come"Pete Sears – bass on "Things to Come", "Awakening", "Girl with the Hungry Eyes", "Rock Music", and "Freedom at Point Zero", keyboards on "Jane", "Lightning Rose", "Awakening", and "Just the Same", organ on "Fading Lady Light", electric rhythm guitar on "Fading Lady Light", vocalsDavid Freiberg – vocals, bass on "Jane", "Lightning Rose", "Awakening", "Just the Same", and "Fading Lady Light", keyboards on "Things to Come", "Girl with the Hungry Eyes", "Rock Music", and "Freedom at Point Zero"Mickey Thomas – vocalsAynsley Dunbar – drums, percussionCraig Chaquico – lead guitar, rhythm guitarAdditional personnelSteven Schuster – hornsTower of Power – horns on "Jane"
05. Led Zeppelin - Ramble On ( 1969 ) - Nov 12, 2019 8:31:00 AM

06. Atomic Rooster - Nice 'n' Greasy ( 1973 ) - Nov 11, 2019 8:01:00 AM

Track listingOriginal UK versionSide one"All Across the Country" (Vincent Crane) – 5:10"Save Me" (Crane) – 3:14 re-recorded, retitled version of "Friday the 13th""Voodoo in You" (Jackie Avery) – 7:04"Goodbye Planet Earth" (Johnny Mandala) – 4:09Side two"Take One Toke" (Crane) – 4:59"Can't Find a Reason" (Crane) – 4:34"Ear in the Snow" (Crane) – 6:13"Satan's Wheel" (Crane) – 6:39Personnel (original album)Chris Farlowe – vocalsVincent Crane – Hammond organ, electric piano, piano, ARP synthesizerJohnny Mandala – guitars (John Goodsall, under a pseudonym)Ric Parnell – drums, percussion
07. Motörhead - Ace of Spades ( 1980 ) - Nov 8, 2019 8:17:00 AM

Original US versionSide ANo.TitleLength1."The Chase Is Better Than The Catch"4:152."Love Me Like a Reptile"3:213."Shoot You in the Back"2:374."Live to Win"3:345."Fast and Loose"3:226."(We Are) The Road Crew"3:10Side BNo.TitleLength1."Ace Of Spades"2:462."Fire Fire"2:423."Jailbait"3:314."Dance"2:365."Bite The Bullet"1:386."The Hammer"2:45PersonnelPer the Ace of Spades liner notes.Lemmy – vocals, bass, backing vocals on "Emergency""Fast" Eddie Clarke – lead guitar, lead vocals on "Emergency"Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor – drums except on "Please Don't Touch" & "Emergency"Kim McAuliffe - rhythm guitar on "Please Don't Touch"Kelly Johnson - co-lead vocals & co-lead guitar on "Please Don't Touch"Enid Williams - bass on "Please Don't Touch" (NOTE: Enid and Lemmy play bass on the track, making it a six piece for this song)Denise Dufort - drums on "Please Don't Touch" & "Emergency" (NOTE: Denise plays all the drums on the EP because Phil had a broken neck at the time)
08. Small Faces - Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake ( 1968 ) - Nov 7, 2019 12:06:00 PM

Track listingAll songs written by Marriott and Lane, except where noted.Discs one and three of the deluxe edition contain the original album in stereo and mono, respectively.
Side oneNo.TitleWriter(s)Length1."Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake"Marriott, Lane, McLagan, Jones2:262."Afterglow" 3:313."Long Agos and Worlds Apart"McLagan2:354."Rene" 4:295."Song of a Baker" 3:156."Lazy Sunday" 3:05Side two (titled "Happiness Stan")No.TitleWriter(s)Length1."Happiness Stan" 2:352."Rollin' Over" 2:503."The Hungry Intruder"Marriott, Lane, McLagan2:154."The Journey"Marriott, Lane, McLagan, Jones4:125."Mad John" 2:486."HappyDaysToyTown"Marriott, Lane, McLagan, Jones4:17PersonnelSmall FacesSteve Marriott − lead, harmony, and backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, harmonica, piano on "Happiness Stan" and "Every Little Bit Hurts", Hammond organ on "Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake", bass guitar on "The Journey", shared lead vocals on "The Hungry Intruder" and "HappyDaysToyTown"Ronnie Lane − harmony and backing vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar on "The Journey", upright bass on "Mad John", lead vocals on "Song of a Baker" and "The Journey", shared lead vocals on "The Hungry Intruder" and "HappyDaysToyTown"Kenney Jones − drums, percussionIan McLagan − backing vocals, keyboards, Mellotron, electric guitar and bass guitar on "Long Agos and Worlds Apart", lead vocals on "Long Agos and Worlds Apart"
09. Heart - Dog & Butterfly ( 1978 ) - Nov 6, 2019 8:28:00 AM

Track listingAll tracks are written by Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Sue Ennis, except where indicated.Side one - DogNo.TitleWriter(s)Length1."Cook with Fire"A. Wilson, N. Wilson, Ennis, Roger Fisher, Howard Leese4:592."High Time" 3:243."Hijinx" 3:334."Straight On" 5:10Side two - ButterflyNo.TitleWriter(s)Length5."Dog & Butterfly" 5:226."Lighter Touch" 5:057."Nada One" 5:228."Mistral Wind"A. Wilson, N. Wilson, Ennis, Fisher6:45
PersonnelHeartAnn Wilson – lead and backing vocals, piano on track 6, chimes on track 5Nancy Wilson – acoustic guitars, electric guitar, harmonica, lead vocals on track 7, backing vocalsRoger Fisher – lead guitarHoward Leese – guitars, keyboards, ARP Avatar, percussion on track 1, backing vocals,Steve Fossen – bass guitar, percussion on track 1Michael DeRosier – drums, chimes on track 8Additional personnelDick Adams - voice on track 1Sue Ennis - fun machine on track 7Frank DeCaro - strings conductor
10. Genesis - Selling England by the Pound ( 1973 ) - Nov 5, 2019 7:54:00 AM

Track listingAll tracks written by Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett and Mike Rutherford. All tracks produced by Genesis and John Burns.Side oneNo.TitleLength1."Dancing with the Moonlit Knight"8:022."I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)"4:033."Firth of Fifth"9:364."More Fool Me" 3:10Side twoNo.TitleLength1."The Battle of Epping Forest"11:432."After the Ordeal" (instrumental)4:073."The Cinema Show" 11:104."Aisle of Plenty"1:30PersonnelAdapted from the album's 1973 sleeve notes.GenesisPeter Gabriel – vocals, flute, oboe, percussionTony Banks – keyboard, 12-string guitarSteve Hackett – electric guitar, nylon guitarMichael Rutherford – 12-string guitar, bass, electric sitarPhil Collins – drums, assorted percussion, lead vocals on "More Fool Me", backing vocals
11. Yardbirds - Roger the Engineer ( 1966 ) - Nov 4, 2019 8:47:00 AM

Track listingAll songs written by Chris Dreja, Jim McCarty, Jeff Beck, Keith Relf, and Paul Samwell-Smith (Dreja and McCarty's last names are misspelled as "Drega" and "McCarthy" on the labels of the US album). All songs are recorded in stereo, except where noted.Side oneNo.TitleLength1."Lost Woman"3:162."Over Under Sideways Down" (Rechanneled)2:243."The Nazz Are Blue"3:044."I Can't Make Your Way"2:265."Rack My Mind"3:156."Farewell"1:29Side twoNo.TitleLength7."Hot House of Omagararshid"2:398."Jeff's Boogie" (Rechanneled)2:259."He's Always There"2:1510."Turn into Earth"3:0611."What Do You Want"3:2212."Ever Since the World Began"2:09PersonnelThe YardbirdsKeith Relf – lead vocals (except "The Nazz Are Blue"), harmonicaJeff Beck – lead guitar, lead vocals on "The Nazz Are Blue", bass guitar on track 2Chris Dreja – rhythm guitar, backing vocals, pianoPaul Samwell-Smith – bass guitar (except track 2), backing vocalsJim McCarty – drums, backing vocals, percussion

12. Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath ( 1973 ) - Nov 1, 2019 9:13:00 AM

Track listingAll songs by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward.Side oneNo.TitleLength1."Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"5:452."A National Acrobat"6:163."Fluff" (instrumental)4:114."Sabbra Cadabra"5:59Side twoNo.TitleLength5."Killing Yourself to Live"5:416."Who Are You?"4:117."Looking for Today"5:068."Spiral Architect"5:29PersonnelBlack SabbathOzzy Osbourne – vocals (all tracks except 3), synthesizer (tracks 5 and 6), handclaps (track 7)Tony Iommi – guitars (all tracks), piano (tracks 3, 4, and 6), synthesizer (tracks 5 and 6), harpsichord (track 3), organ (track 7), flute (track 7), handclaps (track 7), bagpipes (track 8)Geezer Butler – bass guitar (all tracks), synthesizer and mellotron (track 6), handclaps (track 7), nose flute (track 8)Bill Ward – drums (all tracks except 3), bongos (track 1), timpani (tracks 6 and 8), handclaps (track 7)Additional personnelRick Wakeman – piano and Minimoog (track 4)Wil Malone – conductor, arrangerThe Phantom Fiddlers - strings (track 8)
13. Pink Floyd - Comfortably numb ( 1979 ) - Oct 31, 2019 8:42:00 AM

14. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - American Dream ( 1988 ) - Oct 30, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Track listingSide oneNo.TitleWriter(s)Recording dateLength1."American Dream"Neil YoungMarch 3, 19883:152."Got It Made"Stephen Stills, Neil YoungJuly 28, 19884:363."Name of Love"Neil YoungFebruary 25, 19884:284."Don't Say Goodbye"Graham Nash, Joe VitaleSeptember 15, 19883:235."This Old House"Neil YoungMay 4, 19884:446."Nighttime for the Generals"David Crosby, Craig DoergeMarch 24, 19884:207."Shadowland"Rick Ryan, Graham Nash, Joe VitaleApril 24, 19874:33Side twoNo.TitleWriter(s)Recording dateLength1."Drivin' Thunder"Stephen Stills, Neil YoungMarch 2, 19883:122."Clear Blue Skies"Graham NashMarch 28, 19883:053."That Girl"Stephen Stills, Joe Vitale, Bob GlaubMay 10, 19883:274."Compass"David CrosbyMarch 22, 19885:195."Soldiers of Peace"Graham Nash, Craig Doerge, Joe VitaleSeptember 16, 19883:436."Feel Your Love"Neil YoungJuly 21, 19884:097."Night Song"Stephen Stills, Neil YoungJuly 28, 19884:17PersonnelDavid Crosby – vocals; acoustic guitar on "Clear Blue Skies" and "Compass"Stephen Stills – vocals; guitars on "Name of Love", "Don't Say Goodbye", "Nighttime for the Generals", "Drivin' Thunder", "Clear Blue Skies", "That Girl", "Soldiers of Peace" and "Night Song"; keyboards on "American Dream" and "Got It Made"; bass synthesizer on "Don't Say Goodbye"; bass, synthesizer and handclaps on "Night Song"; percussion on "Drivin' Thunder"Graham Nash – vocals; piano on "Don't Say Goodbye"; electric guitar on "Nighttime for the Generals"; sound effects on "Shadowland"; keyboards and harmonica on "Clear Blue Skies"Neil Young – vocals; guitars on all tracks except "Compass"; all instruments on "This Old House"; piano on "Don't Say Goodbye"; harmonica on "Compass"; percussion on "Name of Love" and "Feel Your Love"Additional personnelJoe Vitale – drums on "American Dream", "Got It Made", "Name of Love", "Don't Say Goodbye", "Nighttime for the Generals", "Drivin' Thunder", "Clear Blue Skies" and "Night Song"; all instruments, sound effects and vocals on "Shadowland"; keyboards on "Clear Blue Skies", "That Girl", "Compass" and "Soldiers of Peace"; synthesizer on "Don't Say Goodbye"; percussion on "Drivin' Thunder" and "Feel Your Love"; vibraphone on "Feel Your Love"Mike Finnigan – organ on "Nighttime for the Generals"; keyboards, backing vocals on "Soldiers of Peace"Bob Glaub – bass on "American Dream", "Got It Made", "Name of Love", "Nighttime for the Generals", "Drivin' Thunder", "Clear Blue Skies", "That Girl" and "Soldiers of Peace"Joe Lala – percussion on "Got It Made", "Shadowland", "Clear Blue Skies" and "That Girl"; drums on "Soldiers of Peace"Chad Cromwell – drums on "That Girl"The Bluenotes: Tommy Bray, Claude Callilet, Larry Cragg, John Fumo, Steve Lawrence – horns on "That Girl"Brian Bell – synthesizer programming on "This Old House"Rhett Lawrence – synthesizer programming on "Soldiers of Peace"Niko Bolas, Tim Mulligan, Tim Foster, Brentley Walton – handclaps on "American Dream"Bill Boydston, Don Gooch, Bill Lazerus – sound effects on "Shadowland"The Volume Dealers Choir: Kelly Ashmore, Betsy Aubrey, Tom Banghart, Cha Blevins, Niko Bolas, Craig Doerge, Scott Gordon, R. Mac Holbert, Stanley Johnston, Bill Krause, Debbie Meister, Tim Mulligan, Susan Nash, Jay Parti, Steve Perry, Vince Slaughter, Joe Vitale, Paul Williamson – backing vocals on "Soldiers of Peace"
15. Chris Isaak - Forever Blue ( 1995 ) - Oct 29, 2019 9:18:00 AM

Track listingAll songs written by Chris Isaak."Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" – 2:54"Somebody's Crying" – 2:46"Graduation Day" – 3:11"Go Walking Down There" – 2:49"Don't Leave Me on My Own" – 2:14"Things Go Wrong" – 3:00"Forever Blue" – 2:42"There She Goes" – 3:14"Goin' Nowhere" – 2:52"Changed Your Mind" – 3:51"Shadows in a Mirror" – 3:59"I Believe" – 3:09"The End of Everything" – 3:05PersonnelChris Isaak - vocals, guitarRowland Salley - bass, vocalsKenney Dale Johnson - drums, vocalsBruce Kaphan - pedal steel guitarJimmy Pugh - Hammond B3 organJohnny Reno - saxophone, vocalsJeff Watson - lead guitar
16. Aretha Franklin - Laughing on the Outside ( 1963 ) - Oct 28, 2019 9:10:00 AM

Track listingSide One"Skylark" (Johnny Mercer, Hoagy Carmichael) 2:49"For All We Know" (Sam M. Lewis, J. Fred Coots) 3:25"Make Someone Happy" (Betty Comden, Adolph Green, Jule Styne) 3:48"I Wonder (Where Are You Tonight)" (Aretha Franklin, Ted White) 3:16"Solitude" (Duke Ellington, Eddie DeLange, Irving Mills) 3:50"Laughing on the Outside" (Bernie Wayne, Ben Raleigh) 3:14Side Two"Say It Isn't So" (Irving Berlin) 3:05"Until The Real Thing Comes Along" (Sammy Cahn, Saul Chaplin, L.E. Freeman) 3:04"If Ever I Would Leave You" (Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick Loewe) 4:04"Where Are You?" (Harold Adamson, Jimmy McHugh) 3:50"Mr. Ugly" 3:22 (Norman Mapp)"I Wanna Be Around" (Johnny Mercer, Sadie Vimmerstedt) 2:25PersonnelAretha Franklin – vocalsRobert Mersey – producer, arranger, conductorEarl Van Dyke, Dave Grusin, Andrew Acker, Leon Russell – pianoC. Bosler, Ray Pohlman, Melvin Pollan – bass guitarHindel Butts, Hal Blaine – drumsDon Arnome, Tommy Tedesco, Billy Strange – guitarJimmy Nottingham – trumpetRobert Ascher – trombonePlas Johnson – saxophoneBernard Eichenbaum, Julius Schacter, Leo Kahn, Berl Senofsky, Felix Gigol, Max Pollikoff, George Ockner, John Rublowsky, Sid Sharp, Tibor Zelig, George Poole, Irving Lipschultz, Irving Weinper, Darrel Terwilliger – violinR. Dickler, Theodore Israel, Jacob Glick – violaJesse Erlich, Anthony Twardowsky, Joseph Tekula – cello
17. Bill Wyman - Back to Basics ( 2015 ) - Oct 25, 2019 8:09:00 AM

Track listingNo.TitleLength1."What and How and If and When and Why"3:372."I Lost My Ring"3:363."Love, Love, Love"3:404."Stuff (Can't Get Enough)"4:055."Running Back to You"4:006."She's Wonderful"3:567."Seventeen"3:498."I'll Pull You Through"3:069."November"3:4410."Just a Friend of Mine"3:4111."It's a Lovely Day"2:0512."I Got Time"3:54
18. America - Hearts ( 1975 ) - Oct 24, 2019 9:24:00 AM

Track listingNo.TitleWriter(s)Length1."Daisy Jane"Gerry Beckley3:072."Half a Man"Dan Peek3:333."Midnight"Beckley, Dewey Bunnell2:414."Bell Tree"Beckley2:325."Old Virginia"D. Peek, Catherine Peek3:286."People in the Valley"Bunnell2:437."Company"Bunnell3:238."Woman Tonight"D. Peek2:199."The Story of a Teenager"Beckley, D. Peek3:1910."Sister Golden Hair"Beckley3:1611."Tomorrow"D. Peek2:4812."Seasons"Bunnell3:0013."Simple Life" ((bonus track on Japanese CD))D. Peek2:12PersonnelGerry Beckley – vocals, guitar, keyboardsDewey Bunnell – vocals, guitarDan Peek – vocals, guitar, keyboardsDavid Dickey – bassWillie Leacox – drums, percussionGeorge Martin – keyboardsUncredited - Cello (On "Daisy Jane".)Clydie King, Venetta Fields - background vocals "Story of a Teenager"
19. Bee Gees - Idea ( 1968 ) - Oct 23, 2019 10:42:00 AM

Track listing (UK)All songs written by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb, except "Such a Shame", written and composed by Vince Melouney.Side oneNo.TitleLead vocal(s)Length1."Let There Be Love"Barry and Robin3:282."Kitty Can"Barry and Maurice2:313."In the Summer of His Years"Robin3:054."Indian Gin and Whisky Dry"Robin1:555."Down to Earth"Robin2:286."Such a Shame"Vince2:28Side twoNo.TitleLead vocal(s)Length1."Idea"Barry and Robin2:512."When the Swallows Fly"Barry2:223."I Have Decided to Join the Airforce"Barry and Robin2:064."I Started a Joke"Robin3:035."Kilburn Towers"Barry2:146."Swan Song"Barry2:55PersonnelBee GeesBarry Gibb – lead, harmony and backing vocals, guitarRobin Gibb – lead, harmony and backing vocals, organMaurice Gibb – bass guitar, piano, organ, mellotron, harmony and backing vocalsVince Melouney – guitar, harmonica, lead vocals on "Such a Shame"Colin Petersen – drums
20. Survivor - Vital Signs ( 1984 ) - Oct 22, 2019 8:13:00 AM

Track listingAll tracks are written by Jim Peterik and Frankie Sullivan.Side oneNo.TitleLength1."I Can't Hold Back"3:592."High on You"4:093."First Night"4:174."The Search Is Over"4:135."Broken Promises"4:01Side twoNo.TitleLength6."Popular Girl"3:397."Everlasting"3:528."It's the Singer, Not the Song"4:349."I See You in Everyone"4:26PersonnelJimi Jamison - lead vocalsFrankie Sullivan - guitar, vocalsJim Peterik - bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, vocalsStephan Ellis - bass guitarMarc Droubay - drums
21. Joni Mitchell - For the Roses ( 1972 ) - Oct 21, 2019 7:23:00 AM

Track listingAll tracks are written by Joni Mitchell.Side oneNo.TitleLength1."Banquet"3:012."Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire"4:173."Barangrill"2:524."Lesson in Survival"3:115."Let the Wind Carry Me"3:566."For the Roses"3:48Side twoNo.TitleLength1."See You Sometime"2:562."Electricity"3:013."You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio"2:394."Blonde in the Bleachers"2:425."Woman of Heart and Mind"2:386."Judgement of the Moon and Stars (Ludwig's Tune)"5:19PersonnelJoni Mitchell — vocals, guitar, pianoTom Scott — woodwinds, reedsWilton Felder — bassRuss Kunkel — drumsBobbye Hall — percussionBobby Notkoff — stringsJames Burton — electric guitar on "Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire"Graham Nash — harmonica on "You Turn Me On I'm a Radio"Stephen Stills — rock and roll band on "Blonde in the Bleachers"
22. Kiss - Rock and Roll Over ( 1976 ) - Oct 18, 2019 7:20:00 AM

Track listingSide oneNo.TitleWriter(s)Lead vocalsLength1."I Want You"Paul StanleyStanley3:042."Take Me"Stanley, Sean DelaneyStanley2:563."Calling Dr. Love"Gene SimmonsSimmons3:444."Ladies Room"SimmonsSimmons3:275."Baby Driver"Peter Criss, Stan PenridgeCriss3:40Side twoNo.TitleWriter(s)Lead vocalsLength6."Love 'Em and Leave 'Em"SimmonsSimmons3:477."Mr. Speed"Stanley, DelaneyStanley3:188."See You in Your Dreams"SimmonsSimmons2:349."Hard Luck Woman"StanleyCriss3:3410."Makin' Love"Stanley, DelaneyStanley3:14Total length:33:18PersonnelKissPaul Stanley – vocals, rhythm guitar, first guitar solo on "I Want You", acoustic guitarAce Frehley – lead guitar, second guitar solo on "I Want You", backing vocalsGene Simmons – vocals, bass guitar, rhythm guitar on "Ladies Room"Peter Criss – drums, percussion, vocals
23. Humble Pie - Smokin' ( 1972 ) - Oct 17, 2019 7:23:00 AM

Track listingSide oneNo.TitleWriterLength1."Hot 'n' Nasty"Marriott3:222."The Fixer"Marriott5:023."You're So Good for Me"Marriott, Ridley3:504."C'mon Everybody"Jerry Capehart, Eddie Cochran5:135."Old Time Feelin'"Marriott4:00Side twoNo.TitleWriterLength6."30 Days in the Hole"Marriott3:577."Road Runner/Road Runner's 'G' Jam"Holland-Dozier-Holland, Humble Pie3:438."I Wonder"Cecil Gant, Raymond Leveen8:539."Sweet Peace and Time"Marriott5:48Total length:43:48PersonnelSteve Marriott - lead & backing vocals, guitar, harp, keyboardsClem Clempson - guitar, keyboards, backing vocalsGreg Ridley - bass, lead & backing vocalsJerry Shirley - drums, piano on "You're so good for me"Guests :Alexis Korner - vocals, tiple (similar sound to mandolin) on "Old Time Feelin'"Stephen Stills - organ, backing vocals on "Hot 'n' Nasty"Doris Troy - backing vocals "You're So Good for Me"Madeline Bell - backing vocals "You're So Good for Me"
25. The Clash - Combat Rock ( 1982 ) - Oct 15, 2019 6:57:00 AM

Track listingAll tracks are written by The Clash, except where noted.Side oneNo.TitleWriter(s)Lead vocalsLength1."Know Your Rights"Strummer, JonesJoe Strummer3:392."Car Jamming" Joe Strummer3:583."Should I Stay or Should I Go" Mick Jones3:064."Rock the Casbah"Headon, Strummer, JonesJoe Strummer3:445."Red Angel Dragnet" Paul Simonon and Kosmo Vinyl3:486."Straight to Hell" Joe Strummer5:30Side twoNo.TitleLead vocalsLength1."Overpowered by Funk"Joe Strummer and Futura 20004:552."Atom Tan"Mick Jones and Joe Strummer2:323."Sean Flynn"Joe Strummer4:304."Ghetto Defendant"Joe Strummer and Allen Ginsberg4:455."Inoculated City" (some copies of the album have an edited version lasting 2:11)Mick Jones and Joe Strummer2:436."Death is a Star"Joe Strummer and Mick Jones3:13PersonnelJoe Strummer – lead and backing vocals, guitar, harmonica, pianoMick Jones – guitar, backing and lead vocals, keyboards, sound effectsPaul Simonon – bass guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Red Angel Dragnet"Topper Headon – drums, piano and bass guitar on "Rock the Casbah"Additional musiciansAllen Ginsberg – guest vocals on "Ghetto Defendant"Futura 2000 – guest vocals on "Overpowered by Funk"Ellen Foley – backing vocals on "Car Jamming"Joe Ely – backing vocals on "Should I Stay or Should I Go"Tymon Dogg – piano on "Death Is a Star"Tommy Mandel (as Poly Mandell) – keyboards on "Overpowered by Funk"Gary Barnacle – saxophone on "Sean Flynn"Kosmo Vinyl - vocals on "Red Angel Dragnet"